Updated Numbers- The Sender Servers of iGap Verification Code

Since while registering in iGap you definitely receive a verification code via SMS and this message is going to be received through iGap servers with its own numbers, the latest updates in numbers have been occurred which are available for you to know them.

The Message Sender Servers would be through one of the following numbers:

+ 15712002006

+ 46765194427

Or if you are residing in a country which supports Alpha Sender ID, the message contained the iGap verification code will be sent through a server without number or with a sender named iGap.

It’s supposed to be mentioned that for users residing in Iran, the code is ever going to be sent via SMS from internal operators with the previous number as 10004427.

Receiving the Verification Code Via SMS from Out of Iran

Regarding some users in or out of Iran may encounter problems in receiving the Verification Code via SMS with numbers from France, by purchasing a separate number we’ve solved this problem and these users may not have troubles receiving the same code and will be receiving an SMS from Malaysia instead of France.

Added Number (from Malaysia Operator): + 60 11-1722 3060

Removed Number (from France Operator): + 33 6 44 64 44 27

iGap Verification Code and the Message Sender Servers

What and How Numbers Send You the iGap Verification Code?

As your registration has to be verified with your phone number in iGap application after installation, you would be sent a Verification Code via SMS from iGap servers by which your registration will be completed.

If you are registering in iGap for the first time, the Verification Code will be sent to you via SMS; although, if you had registered and now are using iGap app on a device but you like to install, register and use it on another device as well, the verification code for completing your registration process will be sent to your prior device via a message in iGap from servers.

As you log out of iGap on your device, you have to enter your phone number to receive the Verification Code; so, you will be sent via two ways –SMS and in-app iGap Messenger.


If you intend to install, register and then use iGap app through Web, the same SMS will be sent to your cell phone and you need to enter it manually.


You will receive this Verification Code via SMS with the number 1000 4427 from iGap servers in Iran.

However, if you can have connections with international iGap servers, the above mentioned Code will be sent from France with the number +33644644427. Except for France, you can receive this code from England with random numbers.

If you notice 4427 found in domestic and international numbers (from Iran and France servers) and look at them on the cell phone keyboard, you will definitely understand the relationship between letters of the word “iGap” and the numbers 4/4/2/7 respectively.

Errors of iGap Registration in Android Devices

The Errors in iGap Registration in Android Phones:

If you enter the Verification Code incorrectly several times frequently, you are not allowed to use the application for 15 minutes.

In addition, if entering the Verification Code takes long more than 15 minutes, it will be expired and you cannot use the same code because it’s not valid any more.