2.1.5; the New Update of iGap Through Web

Respected users;

You can now download the newest edition and utilize the features added and changes made on iGap through Web with the version of 2.1.5.

The features and possibilities are as the following:

  • Added pin / unpin rooms with the ability to sync all devices
  • Added the ability to mute / unmute notifications with the ability to sync all devices
  • Added the ability to delete messages for both sender and recipient (up to 2 hours after sending)
  • Ability to report abuse (report message, user, group or channel)
  • Added biography feature in user profile
  • Some bugs & minor improvements fixed

Now, you can follow the link to use the newest version of iGap in web:


The Latest Update of iGap in Android Systems

Version 0.1.1 of iGap in Android Systems

As all the developers and programmers in Rooyekhat Media Company are always trying to make iGap features updated in order to improve its utility by users, all users are able to activate the app with the latest version as 0.1.1 for smart phones and tablets through Café Bazaar, Myket or Google Play; or even download it directly over here.

The latest version of iGap through Android systems have remarkable changes in appearance and practically improvements as:

  • Change fonts and icons
  • Change the Avatar view and the colors of the users
  • Change the format of the chat page template (color box and composition)
  • Change structure of page chat background of the conversation
  • Possibility to pin and unpin conversations
  • Improve the loading the messages
  • Added separator menu for single chats, group chats and channels and recent call list, and
  • Fixed reported problems and some optimizations.