How to convert a public group to a private one in Android

At first, tap the group name on top of the page and see group settings.

Now, tap the icon of three dots at the top-right corner of the screen and choose the second option. Here you are asked about your certainty of converting your group to a private.

After pressing “OK” you will see the group page showing your name as the creator, the added members and its conversion to the current private group.

Sending the Invitation Link of Public Group to a Private Through Web

Sending the public group link to a private group in order to invite members:

To invite the members of a private group to a public group via group link, click on the group name at top of the screen to see Setting options.

Choosing “Update Group Username” can make a new page open and your group “Username” is shown in its field.

You have this authority to copy and send this username beginning with @ as an invitation link to a private group. So, iGap users in a private group can join that mentioned public group by clicking the invitation link simply.

Creating a Public Group Through Web

If you intend to create a public group, at first create a private group. (according to the description presented previously)

Then convert this private group to the public one. (following the rules of converting a public group to a private)