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The Latest Update of iGap in Android Systems

As all the developers and programmers in Rooyekhat Media Company are always trying to make iGap features updated in order to improve its utility by users, all users are able to activate the app with the latest version as 0.1.1 for smart phones and tablets through Café Bazaar, Myket or Google Play.

Releasing Version 0.1.0

You were accompanying us thoroughly with your patience to fix all problems and bugs in the last 25 versions and editions of iGap. We are grateful to be accompanied with you since the voice call possibility is going to be featured in the path of the new versions begin with 1.X rather than 0.X.

New Updates of iGap in Android Systems

In the previous versions of iGap in Android we have faced many problems which made this app hard to use and even ineffective for users. Currently, you can update this installed app and see all the reported bugs fixed and many changes made on to see it run well and better.
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