0.2.3; The Latest Version of iGap for Android Platforms

The latest version of iGap for Android platforms as 0.2.3 is available now. You can download and use it through Google Play or the official website of iGap and utilize the whole possibilities and new features as well.

In this version you will be able to see changes as the following:

  • Added ability to lock the program as a password and fingerprint
  • Locking & Unlocking the inability to get a screenshot at run time
  • Improve the appearance of the application and add the possibility to display the template horizontally (Orientation portrait and landscape)
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

It is possible to receive the file by clicking

  • here from Google Play
  • here from the Official Website of iGap

Also you can get informed of any news about the latest changes on this app by following the official channel of iGap, searching iGap.net/official or @official.


The Latest Update of iGap in Android Systems

Version 0.1.1 of iGap in Android Systems

As all the developers and programmers in Rooyekhat Media Company are always trying to make iGap features updated in order to improve its utility by users, all users are able to activate the app with the latest version as 0.1.1 for smart phones and tablets through Café Bazaar, Myket or Google Play; or even download it directly over here.

The latest version of iGap through Android systems have remarkable changes in appearance and practically improvements as:

  • Change fonts and icons
  • Change the Avatar view and the colors of the users
  • Change the format of the chat page template (color box and composition)
  • Change structure of page chat background of the conversation
  • Possibility to pin and unpin conversations
  • Improve the loading the messages
  • Added separator menu for single chats, group chats and channels and recent call list, and
  • Fixed reported problems and some optimizations.

Update of iGap Web-client to Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of iGap Web-client

Regarding all programmers and developers of iGap Messenger are ever trying to update all features for users, all respectful users can check the version of 2.0.0 of iGap web-client through https://web.igap.net.


The latest version has been changed effectively in appearance and practically improvements in:

  • UI change – generally in structure and new colors
  • Added the theme layout in boxed and wide options
  • Fonts and icons change
  • Added the “two-step verification” and “forgot password” options
  • Emoji package change
  • Change of chat rooms display style
  • Change of secure connection method – the structure of secure connection and key
  • Added numbers of the shared media in a list and
  • Fixed some of previously reported bugs.


Releasing Version 0.1.0

You were accompanying us thoroughly with your patience to fix all problems and bugs in the last 25 versions and editions of iGap.

We are grateful to be accompanied with you since the voice call possibility is going to be featured in the path of the new versions begin with 1.X rather than 0.X.

In the latest version, you will consider:

  • Added voice call possibility
  • Added call log in the side drawer
  • Change guide pages’ design while registering
  • The added possibility of two-step verification
  • Change colors and appearance
  • Some fixed bugs all reported before


Enthusiastically, we wish you to stay with us and use all features of this application patiently.

To be mentioned, this opportunity to read all instructions about using iGap is available in www.blog.igap.net.

At the moment, you are able to download the newest version as 0.1.0 via https://cafebazaar.ir/app/net.iGap/?l=enhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.iGap or https://www.myket.ir/app/net.iGap/?lang=en.

Even if you want, you can receive it directly via https://file.igap.net/latest-android.apk.


Be positive the Voice Call Possibility is going to be added to the iOS systems as soon as possible.


New Updates of iGap in Android Systems

New updates for 0.0.23 version of iGap in Android

In the latest updates of iGap in Android several changes made and there will not be seen any of the following problems:

  1. Changing the title font size in Gap pages
  2. Changing the getting received Gap lists in page structure
  3. Changing the getting received group users list in page structure
  4. Changing the main menu structure and display
  5. Fixing the problem of the first skip on loading the contacts list
  6. Fixing the problem of connection for the background and foreground modes
  7. The scroll bar added to the contacts’ pages
  8. Improving the speed of loading Gap lists and text messages
  9. Keeping the previous situation in Gaps (the last messages you’ve read kept in the board for the next time you come back and continue checking messages from that one)
  10. The possibility to show the Sender’s name in groups
  11. Fixing the in-app problems of playing videos
  12. Improving the codes structure and getting them optimized
  13. Fixing all other reported bugs.