Version 2.1.1 of iGap Web-client

iGap as the Iranian Messaging App has recently offered the latest edition of Web-client version in order to present the best features and capabilities to the respected and loyal followers and users; you are authorized to make it up-to-date and see the changes made in 2.1.1 version.

The changes in this available version are as follow:

1- Added the ability to view the message from the first unread
2- Improved appearance design and minor changes in the theme
3- Fix write text box problems
4- Optimize loading on chat pages
5- Fix some problems in the list of recent calls
6- Change color bar in audio messages listened to by contacts
7- Fix some reported Bug’s
8- Optimization and completion of Persian and English language


Tasnim News Agency Reported the Reflection of Developing the Iranian Messenger Called iGap

Reflection of Launching and Increasingly Developing the Iranian Messenger Called iGap According to Tasnim News Agency

Following launching iGap as the thoroughly local and open-source messaging app then moving forward the developers’ purposes in developing it increasingly, Tasnim News Agency has recently interviewed with the Managing Director of RooyeKhat Media Company as the creator of this messenger and published some news and details about.

You can check and read the entire report here.

Update of iGap Web-client to Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of iGap Web-client

Regarding all programmers and developers of iGap Messenger are ever trying to update all features for users, all respectful users can check the version of 2.0.0 of iGap web-client through


The latest version has been changed effectively in appearance and practically improvements in:

  • UI change – generally in structure and new colors
  • Added the theme layout in boxed and wide options
  • Fonts and icons change
  • Added the “two-step verification” and “forgot password” options
  • Emoji package change
  • Change of chat rooms display style
  • Change of secure connection method – the structure of secure connection and key
  • Added numbers of the shared media in a list and
  • Fixed some of previously reported bugs.