Sending the Invitation Link of a Public Channel to a Private Through Android

If you have made your decision to add more and more members to your public channel, you have this power to make it possible other users join it. In this action, many members can join simultaneously and number of members can be raised all at once.

To do so, tap the channel name at top of the page and see channel Settings.

An option shown by “Username” is clear and by copying the channel username as a message beginning with @ in a private channel of yours and then sending that as an Invitation Link. Every one of members in your private channel can join by touching this link and then be added to your public channel.

Sending the Invitation Link of a public group to a private one in Android

Tap the group name on top of the page and see Settings for this public group.

Among the options, you will see Username. You are able to share it as an invitation link beginning with @ and sending as a message to a private group. The members in a private group are now allowed to join this group as well.

Sending the Invitation Link of Public Group to a Private Through Web

Sending the public group link to a private group in order to invite members:

To invite the members of a private group to a public group via group link, click on the group name at top of the screen to see Setting options.

Choosing “Update Group Username” can make a new page open and your group “Username” is shown in its field.

You have this authority to copy and send this username beginning with @ as an invitation link to a private group. So, iGap users in a private group can join that mentioned public group by clicking the invitation link simply.