The Recent Changes in 0.1.1 Version of iGap Through Android

The latest features and Various Appearance of iGap in Android Systems

In 0.1.1 version of iGap for Android you contact the fresh appearance and see differences in parts like:

  • Change fonts and icons


  • Change the Avatar view and the colors of the users 


  • Change the format of the chat page template (color box and composition) 


  • Possibility to pin and unpin conversations 


  • Added separator menu for single chats, group chats and channels and recent call list 

Update of iGap Web-client to Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of iGap Web-client

Regarding all programmers and developers of iGap Messenger are ever trying to update all features for users, all respectful users can check the version of 2.0.0 of iGap web-client through


The latest version has been changed effectively in appearance and practically improvements in:

  • UI change – generally in structure and new colors
  • Added the theme layout in boxed and wide options
  • Fonts and icons change
  • Added the “two-step verification” and “forgot password” options
  • Emoji package change
  • Change of chat rooms display style
  • Change of secure connection method – the structure of secure connection and key
  • Added numbers of the shared media in a list and
  • Fixed some of previously reported bugs.


iGap Verification Code and the Message Sender Servers

What and How Numbers Send You the iGap Verification Code?

As your registration has to be verified with your phone number in iGap application after installation, you would be sent a Verification Code via SMS from iGap servers by which your registration will be completed.

If you are registering in iGap for the first time, the Verification Code will be sent to you via SMS; although, if you had registered and now are using iGap app on a device but you like to install, register and use it on another device as well, the verification code for completing your registration process will be sent to your prior device via a message in iGap from servers.

As you log out of iGap on your device, you have to enter your phone number to receive the Verification Code; so, you will be sent via two ways –SMS and in-app iGap Messenger.


If you intend to install, register and then use iGap app through Web, the same SMS will be sent to your cell phone and you need to enter it manually.


You will receive this Verification Code via SMS with the number 1000 4427 from iGap servers in Iran.

However, if you can have connections with international iGap servers, the above mentioned Code will be sent from France with the number +33644644427. Except for France, you can receive this code from England with random numbers.

If you notice 4427 found in domestic and international numbers (from Iran and France servers) and look at them on the cell phone keyboard, you will definitely understand the relationship between letters of the word “iGap” and the numbers 4/4/2/7 respectively.