Group in iGap Through Web

Private Group:

The creator creates a group based on the instructions described before in previous sections and adds how many members s/he likes over her/his contacts. All members are able to send messages and see others’ messages; also if one of them wants to add a new member, s/he should ask the admin/creator to do so. Additionally, the rules for members in this group are specified by the admin/creator.


Public Group:

For public groups the creator should identify a username for the group after creating based on the instructions. So, everyone- who has an iGap account- can join by searching the group’s username. In public groups, there is no need to be added by admin/creator. If you as a member want to add a new member, just send the group username to others, then they can join by touching or clicking that. In this sort of group, all members can post and everyone’s posts and messages are observable to others.

Creating a New Group in Web version of iGap

Creating a group in iGap through Web version:

Although you can have a private chat with any of your contacts in iGap, it is possible to have a group chat with several contacts simultaneously. By which you can add new contacts as members and then enjoy chatting all together.

If you are willing to create a group in iGap through Web, you have to begin the courses of action as following:

  • On your iGap account page you can see the icon of three lines at the top-left corner of the screen on which you have to click to start creating a group chat in Web version of iGap. 
  • After clicking on three-lines icon you can see the options of Menu through which you need to choose “New Group” at first. 
  • After that, you will have a new window for selecting a name and a brief description for your new group. (As to mentioned that your group must have a name, but the description is not mandatory.) 
  • Since you type your favorite name (and description if you like), click on “Next” to see your list of contacts in iGap. 
  • It’s the time you have an authority to choose any of your contacts you are eager to invite. After you make your selection of group members and choosing “Submit”, your ideal group with your favorite members is ready. Choosing a picture for the group in Web iGap: 
  • To choose the right picture for your group created newly, click on the box of your group at the top-center of the screen to see setting options of the group. Then choose “Edit Group”. 
  • Then click on the pictograph icon and browse your favorite picture through the right path on your PC or laptop. 
  • The picture is going to be loaded on a squared box and by moving the pointer on different parts you can crop it and choose the best cut. Then click “Crop & Send”.
  • Now the selected picture will be shown on the circle and all editing actions will be ended after clicking “Save” and enter the main page of the chat at last. 
  • You have your own group now, which on its main page you can see your name as the creator and other members you have added. You have your main iGap page now to chat through a group with several contacts at the same time in Web version. Enjoy chatting!