Updates Android, Web, and desktop editions

In Android version – version 0.4.7 you saw:

  • Fix notification problem for silent rooms
  • Fix phone number structure problem for some countries outside of Iran
  • Fix some reported bugs

And you can now update your iGap messenger from the Google Play Store .

In the Web version – version 3.2.3 you will see some reported bugs and system performance improvements that you can follow from the web version:


In the desktop version – the version of Windows and Linux with the major changes and integration of the latest updates to the Web version is now available at 3.2.3.

Get Windows Version Links:

Portable Windows  3.2.3 – For Windows 32 and 64 Bit

Portable Linux 3.2.3 – For Linux 32 and 64 Bit

iGap Installer 3.2.3 for Windows 32 and 64 Bit


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Installing and Launching the Desktop Version of iGap

One of the features of iGap is account management in different platforms such as laptop, smart phone, tablet and others simultaneously. On the way you can launch your user-account on other devices at the same time and apply it utilizing synchronization capability. Here you will get to the installation and launching iGap messenger step-by-step. The desktop version of iGap is going to get you capable of sending image or any other file formats just by following the steps;

Initially, download the software, unzip and start installation by clicking the executable file.

In the first step, browse the right path and check “I agree to the licence terms and conditions.” Then click “INSTALL”.

Please be patient to the end of installation process,

After installing successfully, the following window will be displayed by which you can click “Finish” to start launching iGap.

At the beginning then, select your country among the list like the picture, enter your phone number without the initial zero (0) and click “Next”.

After that, check the privacy policy of iGap on the new window and click “OK”,

Then confirm the entered number at last.

A verification code which has been sent from iGap Servers must be entered manually in its field. Now click “Next”.

You have logged into your user-account in iGap through Desktop Version.