Updates Android, Web, and desktop editions

In Android version – version 0.4.7 you saw:

  • Fix notification problem for silent rooms
  • Fix phone number structure problem for some countries outside of Iran
  • Fix some reported bugs

And you can now update your iGap messenger from the Google Play Store .

In the Web version – version 3.2.3 you will see some reported bugs and system performance improvements that you can follow from the web version:


In the desktop version – the version of Windows and Linux with the major changes and integration of the latest updates to the Web version is now available at 3.2.3.

Get Windows Version Links:

Portable Windows  3.2.3 РFor Windows 32 and 64 Bit

Portable Linux 3.2.3 – For Linux 32 and 64 Bit

iGap Installer 3.2.3 for Windows 32 and 64 Bit


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0.2.3; The Latest Version of iGap for Android Platforms

The latest version of iGap for Android platforms as 0.2.3 is available now. You can download and use it through Google Play or the official website of iGap and utilize the whole possibilities and new features as well.

In this version you will be able to see changes as the following:

  • Added ability to lock the program as a password and fingerprint
  • Locking & Unlocking the inability to get a screenshot at run time
  • Improve the appearance of the application and add the possibility to display the template horizontally¬†(Orientation portrait and landscape)
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

It is possible to receive the file by clicking

  • here from Google Play
  • here from the Official Website of iGap

Also you can get informed of any news about the latest changes on this app by following the official channel of iGap, searching iGap.net/official or @official.