Contacts and its Settings in iGap for Android Platforms

You can see the list of contacts whom you have already chatted with in iGap, either add more members or invite other non-users among the contacts list of your phone.

For this purpose, you can tap on the three-line icon and choose “Contacts” among the list. Then you will see all the iGap contacts you have ever chatted with.

On top of the screen you see a frame named “Add Contact” in which you are able to enter the new contact’s info in order to add.

When you scroll down the List of Phone Contacts is visible who may not join iGap yet. So, if you want to ask them for joining just send them an invitation.

Creating Private and Public Channels in iGap Through Web

Private and Public Channels in Web version

In order to create a channel in Web, click the icon of three lines at the top right corner of the screen to see menu.

Choose “New Channel”, so that a new page for channel name and channel description will be seen. Note that, choosing a name for channel is mandatory but the description is optional.

You should type your favorite name for channel (and if you like type a description) and click “Next”. So, you will be directed to another page and select your required channel (as private or public).

Public Channel:

With this selection you will see a page about channel Username and you can type a username with the length of 5-32 characters (A-Z/ a-z/ 0-9). This is as an ID for your public channel and any of your contacts or group members can join if you add @ at its beginning as an address.

Private Channel:

After choosing this sort of channel you will be directed to a new page in which you can add members, moderators and admins. By clicking on any of your contacts and set as selective, press “Add (the number of) Members” at the bottom of the screen. Thus, your channel is ready now and you can enter its main page.

After creating your channel and entering its main page, you are able to choose your favorite channel picture as its icon. You have to click your channel name on top of the page to see options.

Choose the icon of Edit and you have this right to choose your ideal picture among the saved ones on your system and upload it by clicking the camera pictogram.

Then, the chosen picture can be shown in a squared frame in order to be cropped. So, click on CROP & SEND and SAVE finally to finalize the changes.

Group in iGap Through Web

Private Group:

The creator creates a group based on the instructions described before in previous sections and adds how many members s/he likes over her/his contacts. All members are able to send messages and see others’ messages; also if one of them wants to add a new member, s/he should ask the admin/creator to do so. Additionally, the rules for members in this group are specified by the admin/creator.


Public Group:

For public groups the creator should identify a username for the group after creating based on the instructions. So, everyone- who has an iGap account- can join by searching the group’s username. In public groups, there is no need to be added by admin/creator. If you as a member want to add a new member, just send the group username to others, then they can join by touching or clicking that. In this sort of group, all members can post and everyone’s posts and messages are observable to others.