Clean Up in Android

Clean Up

The Chats log saved on your device can be cleaned temporarily. You only need to tap “Clean Up” to clean your chats for the moment.

To do so, touch the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the screen and tap “Clean Up”.

It’s to be mentioned data of this part will be cleaned from your device at the time in order to free up the storage of device and access the chat again at another time.

This option can clean up the saved chats in Android phones but no other devices connected to the app.

We reach this point if you get to the mentioned chat using an Android system, the cleaned data can be retrieved again on your device through iGap servers.

Clear History in Android

Clear History

If you want to clear your conversations with contacts completely and permanently, tap the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Now choose “Clear History” over the options of menu bar.

Please consider that after clearing your conversation history with your contacts, there is no possible way to retrieve them in any iGap versions (Android; Web).

Download and Installation iGap App in Android

Installation iGap in Android version and Chatting with friends:

If you tend to gab and chat with your friends using iGap and take its advantages and make use of all possibilities, just follow the steps of installation and run this useful application:

Installing the iGap application: first of all, enter one of the application markets on your device such as App Store, Google Play or Café Bazaar and then search the name of the application “iGap”; finally, tap the “Install” button to make it installed.

Getting started: after getting and installing the app, five pages will be shown to introduce some of the abilities and features of iGap. You will be able to flip through the pages by moving your finger on them and then you can enter the “Registration” section after tapping on the “Start now” button on the last page. It’s supposed be mentioned that touching the “skip” button at the top-right corner of the screen will direct you all at once to the “Registration” section without looking through the pages.


Registration: after entering the “Registration” section, enter your cell phone number without the first “0/zero”. (for example: 9121234567)

Based on your IP, your country will be selected by default. If wrong, just tap the country name and choose yours over the list of country names.

*You will see a text as well with the title of “Privacy Policy in iGap”. If you accept all articles, tap “Let’s Go” button so that the Verification code will be sent to you by SMS. (please consider if you have installed iGap app on another device before, the Verification code will be sent to the same device and you will not receive any messages about the code.)

*In iGap app for Android Phones, it’s not required to enter the Verification code manually; because it is entered the system automatically after being sent to the Android device.

If it does not happen in one minute, a box will be opened and you can enter it manually or tap the “resend code” button if you have not received SMS.

Account Information: iGap app allows the users to have a nickname and a photo for their profile accounts.

By touching + (on the center of the green circle), you can choose a photo from your phone gallery or taking one with your device camera at the moment and apply it as the picture of your account.

*iGap also makes it possible for users to edit their pictures and crop them in different sizes to be shown better. Choose your photo and then (for editing the picture) tap the “crop” sign at the top-right corner of the screen to get it done; in this step you can specify the desirable size of your picture manually, and at last choose the final edited picture for your profile by tapping “Continue” button.

As to finish the “Registration” section, you can type your nickname in “Nickname” field, complete your account information and finalize the registration process then.