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Sending the Invitation Link of Public Group to a Private Through Web

In the Web version iGap you are able to have groups in private and/or public. To add more members to a public group needs the group address. It is effective to use the @ at the beginning of the group username and send it as an invitation link to a private group to invite members and make members of your public group more and more.

Creating a Public Group Through Web

in iGap messaging app, you can make a public group and beside all known members and contacts add new and unknown members too, get familiar and communicate with each other. In public groups only by having the username of the group up to 5000 members can be added.

Converting a Public Group to a Private One Through Web

In iGap app you are able to have groups in public as well. As it is assumed in public groups, a community of users can come together in a group and chat with each other. But if you want to have a group in private and do not make any unknown member enter your friendly community, convert your public group to a private.

Converting a Private Group to a Public one Through Web

In iGap app, also you can have groups in private or public, but you can convert them private to public or vice versa and apply new possibilities. Remember, in order to have a public group, you have to create a private at first. Then by converting to a public one, and adding new and/or unknown members get familiar with more iGap users.

Creating a Private Group Through Web

In iGap messaging application in Web version, you can have a private group to chat with your friends and any known member using iGap. In this kind of group all members are able to send messages and see others', but to add a new member only the creator or admin is able to do. So, it's the time to create a private virtual space with your friends and enjoy chatting.

Group in iGap Through Web

You can create new groups in iGap using the option New Group and control and administrate it easily. In both Web and Android version, you are able to have either private or public ones. It's possible to have a private group with your friends known to each other or a public group in order to make new friends and get acquainted with more people.

Tips and tricks in iGap Channels and Groups

you will see many advantages in iGap app and use it easily to chat, create groups and/or channels and even upload posts. For channels and groups in public or private you have different authorities and possibilities and then enjoy creating and or administrating.
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