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Restrictions in iGap (Web version)

In iGap app through Web version you may face some error. The number of characters specified for the messages with pictures would be 200, so you will not be allowed to send this message if your message exceeds this number. Try to get rid of this problem and send your messages easily.

Privacy and its Settings in iGap Through Android

In the Android version of iGap, you can apply any changes in Settings section. One of the parts is about the Privacy and you can make your own decision about the blocked users, getting invited to channels, getting invited to groups, getting your avatar shown by other users and even the last time you have been online in your account.

Converting a Public Channel to a Private in iGap through Android

Android iGap helps you to create special communities and share your media with anyone else. As in channels of iGap you have rooms with no restriction in number, but if you are bored of a space which everyone can join, you are able to change it to a private space as your "Private Channel" and share media with only the ones you are interested in.
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