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New Chat in the Web Version of iGap

In the Web version of iGap you may want to start a new chat with any contacts of yours or even unknown users any time you’d like to. Chatting with both known or known users need their name and phone number. If unknown, it's enough to add them first and start chatting with then.

Setting Color in iGap Through Android Version

The theme color of different parts of iGap application can be set on the default colors or on the colors you set according to your interest. iGap theme color, notification color, send and attach button color and title font color are the parts you are able to change and choose your favorite color for.

iGap Verification Code and the Message Sender Servers

When you want to complete your registration in iGap app, you have be sent a verification code. This code will be received via different ways such as SMS on your cell phone and/or In-app iGap Messenger; both from domestic or international servers. Even if you log out of the app, reentering and logging in again need a verification code yet.

Converting a Private Channel to Public Through Web

In the Web version of iGap there are many features as in other versions. One of the most important of them is to have your own room as a channel and even in public. It means that you do not need to add members to increase the number, all iGap users can join it easily and use the shared media. Do not forget, your public channel needs a username or an ID, so others can join it by clicking.

Converting a Public Channel to a Private Through Web

In the Web version of iGap you are not only able to create channel in private or public but also you can convert and change channel type. If you want to change the channel type from public to private, do not forget that your channel will not need any ID or Username any more.

Creating Private and Public Channels in iGap Through Web

In iGap through Web version, there is this feature to create new channels. Channels are as Public or Private. In private one you decide who to be added to your channel but in public every one of iGap users can join it and enjoy the shared media. So, try to make your decision about your channel type first and then make use of it.
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