The Communications and Information Technology Minister Just Joined iGap

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Today I was accidentally surfing the names and usernames in iGap among users and channels, in which I found the CIT Minister’s channel has been created on September 18 in the current year and also all his posts are up-to-date.
(Some media and people has requested before for their usernames to get assigned to people who have reserved for earlier)

Now, we are extremely grateful that Mr. Azari Jahromi (our country’s CIT Minister) has created his own channel. Thus, we suggest all users to follow him through the following username:

Besides, we respectfully advise our CIT Minister some ideas and hope them to be thought about:
1. If you mind choosing and creating your own account apart from your channel and let other users propose their problems and talk to you specifically.

2. At the moment, unfortunately iGap is not involved in the list of websites and applications which their internet traffic is calculated half-price. We are politely asking for providing the situation to iGap get in this competition with other non-Iranian applications. As you are aware, iGap servers (as an Iranian product) are located in the country.

3. We would be hopeful that you recommend other Iranian prominent characters particularly the Members if Parliament and other Governmental Organizations either to support the local production or to protect the the privacy and not let the important information of the country go abroad.

Sincerely Yours;
Mohammad Rasoul Kazemi
Managing Director of RooyeKhat Media Company

Pin to Top in iGap for Android Platforms

If you like a more important chat page to be available all the time, you can pin it to the top of the main chat page in iGap now.

To do so, hold your finger on the chat room you like for one second, and select the “Pin to top” option, then it will appear on top above all other chat rooms, even if no messages between you and the room or user is transferred for a while.

Bio in the Profile in iGap

A new feature has been added to the possibilities of iGap in Android version in order to add some description about yourself in lines. This feature named Bio with characters restricted in 70, provide you to have a brief description as a short biography or whatever; so when any of users opens your profile will see this text.

Even you can see your contacts’ bio in their profiles.

Delete Messages for Both in iGap

Sometimes we send a message and then get regretful soon and intend to delete it. Deleting messages could not be effective before the latest update of iGap in Android, because when you deleted the message, it could be deleted only for the sender and will be seen and read by the recipient as soon as she/he logged in the account.

In the latest version of iGap, you can see the newly added feature which is messages deletion for both (the sender & the recipient). So, whenever you send a message and you wish you didn’t send it, just hold your finger on the message for a second and then select “Delete”. If you like it to be deleted for the recipient too, just check the box before the recipient’s name.

If you do not want to delete it for the recipient, no need to check the box.

Remember, this feature is active in 2 hours after sending. 2 hours after sending time, it will be inactive and you can delete it only for yourself.