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The New Source Codes Of IGap For Android

The new source codes of iGap for Android

What is open-source?
Open-source software is type of computer software of which the source codes are accessible and editable to public. Interested programmers and developers could use the platform of these software for free. Based on their creativity and skills, they can customize the program and create their own wished versions. Many distinguished companies and organizations tend to design customized versions of open-source applications which fit their needs and requirements. Nowadays some well-known computer software such as Mozilla Firefox and VLC Media Player use the open-source platform.

Why is iGap an open-source?
In addition to all the mentioned benefits of open-source software, the absence of an Iranian open-source messenger, has been one of the motives for designing iGap in the open-source platform. Heretofore, Iranian companies and organizations had to use non-Iranian messengers which could have been a little risky for their security and data. From now on with iGaq they can take advantage of an Iranian, valid and secure messenger for free.
Designing iGap in open-source platform has given Iranian developers and programmers an up-to-date field in which the can keep coding synchronized with modern and international standards.

iGap new codes on Android
As you know, the iGap source codes are hosted by the well-known and valid website “GitHub”. The iGap developer team recently has updated the Android version of iGap source codes. Interested developers and programmers could receive these codes with the latest features on Github.

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