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IGap Response To Privacy Violators

iGap Response to Privacy Violators

No cheating
the programming progress has submitted some apps to the social media admins which they can use to make fake numbers/members, and invite to their groups or channels. this action is considered as a violation of the terms and policies of social media and in case of being approved, it will be prosecuted.
iGap is not an exception. In case any group or channel happens to use number-makers bots or make fake members, it will be blocked and deleted by the iGap servers and it will not be retrieved. In this case, the group’s/channel’s owner is known as a violator and the user who commits fake-numbering will be blocked.

We understand that the importance of social media and the members is increasing every day. Any start-up or organization working online attempts to increase its members/followers. Nowadays the social media marketing has become a specialty which requires people who can dominate this field.
You need to know that fake-numbering and fake-membering is not only a violation of the social media terms and policies but also a violation of the users’ privacy.
So let’s respect each other’s privacy.

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