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IGap Improvements In New IOS Version(0.6.1)

iGap improvements In New iOS Version(0.6.1)

Iranian users are likely and interested in iOS. Considering that, iGap team has intended to develop the iOS version more. Recently we have received some reports indicating that a few parts of application did not function properly, so we decided to make some improvements for a more efficient function and the user’s convenience in iGap new iOS version (0.6.1):

  • Multi-download: In previous versions. The users could not download more than 1 file simultaneously and it was impossible to pause and resume the download process. In the new version, you can download as many files as you like to at the same time. You can also pause and resume your download anytime you like.
  • Improvements in Shared Media: From now on, you can download and play/run all types of files including images, videos, voices, songs, links, and … in “Shared Media” section.
  • Displaying Replied Messages: You may have encountered some problems in the previous version, due to not displaying the replied messages. In 0.6.1 version when you reply a message, it will be displayed to you and the contact you are chatting.

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