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How To Use Digital Wallet On Android Version Of IGap

How To Use Digital Wallet On Android Version Of iGap

As you know, iGap developer team has added the feature of Digital Wallet to the last Android version (0.9.0) of iGap. In case of encountering any question or obstacle, check this article.

First, open the menu and click on “Wallet”.



You can see your wallet balance here.




First, add a credit card and set it as the default card. You just need to fill up the information of the card and save it.



To charge your wallet enter the price and your password.



For normal or immediate cashing out, you need to enter the price and target card number.



By touching the timer icon, you can see your payment history.



In settings, there is a possibility to change and recover the password.




In order to send money to a contact, touch the wallet icon next to the text box or in the menu.


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