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How To Use Financial Payments On New Android Version Of IGap (0.8.0)

How to use Financial Payments on new Android version of iGap (0.8.0)

As you know, iGap developer team has added the feature of Financial Payments including Paying bills, Paying traffic tickets, Topping up SIM card, Inquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of MCI (Hamrah-E-Aval) subscribers and Inquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of home phones, to the new Android version (0.8.0) of the messenger.

In case of encountering any question in the process of using these services, you can study this article.

In order to use the Financial Payments on iGap, first, touch the menu button (3-line icon) on the top left corner of the display.

Then touch the icon to open up the menu. Schroll down to reach the Financial Payments services.

There are 5 services provided:

Top up SIM card: To top up your SIM card first put your phone number into the box.

  • The Ported Subscribers box only refers to those who have ported their SIM card between different mobile networks. By ticking up this box, you should select your target mobile network. If you are not a ported subscriber, ignore the box.

In the final step, by choosing Credit Type and Price, you connect to the payment portal.

Pay Bills: There are 2 ways to conduct this service.

  • You can fill out bill ID, payment ID, and the amount which are written on the bill and select payment option. Now you are connected to the payment portal and you should fill out your credit card information.
  • In this section, there is a barcode reader which can be used by the camera to conduct the bill payment service.

Pay traffic tickets: Here, you can easily connect to the payment portal by filling out the ticket ID and payment ID.

Inquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of MCI (Hamrah-E-Aval) subscribers: To figure out the amount of the debt, just put the telephone number.

Select the payment option to connect to the portal.

Inquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of home phones: First put your area code and telephone number in different boxes.

Now you can see the amount of the debt and connect to the payment portal.



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