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Financial Payments On Android And IOS Version Of IGap

Financial payments on Android and iOS version of iGap

Researches show that the more features your smartphone has, the more time you spend on it.

Smartphone has been considered as the most important consumer invention of the 21st century, but it is no big surprise.

Nowadays they have become a necessity for living in modern societies. They provide so various features and services which make our lives easier. It is bothering to even think to live without them.

One of the services is payment and financial inquiries.

iGap developer team in cooperation with PEC Co has added new features to the Android version (0.8.0) and iOS version (0.6.0) of the messenger.

What’s new on Android and iOS version:

  • Paying bills
  • Paying traffic tickets
  • Topping up SIM card
  • Enquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of MCI (Hamrah-E-Aval) subscribers
  • Enquiring Final-period and middle-period debt of home phones


Please remember that all the mentioned financial services are provided by PEC Co and iGap messenger (RooyeKhat Media Company) has no responsibility on them.

For customer support, follow up your payments and related issues, you can contact this telephone number:


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