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Digital Wallet In Android Version Of IGap

Digital Wallet In Android Version Of iGap

Technology develops and brings us along unconsciously, which is good. The wide use of smartphones by human societies is the influence of tech on our lives. Having so many features, the smartphones have become a necessity in modern lifestyle. One of those features is the Digital Wallet. 

Imagine your phone functions as your wallet and You can use it online at any time and any place you need to. Furthermore, there is no need to carry cash and worry about its safety, but…

What is Digital Wallet?

The philosophy of Digital Wallet is the online access to money. In other words, you can use the Digital Wallet to make electronic transactions, such as topping up SIM card or purchasing from an E-commerce.

Digital Wallet In iGap

After adding financial payments to the previous version, iGap developer team Has added the PayGear application to new Android version (0.9.0) of iGap.

PayGear is one of the products of Parsian E-commerce Company and functions as a Digital Wallet with practical features:

  • Shopping by barcode scanning and without cash
  • Transaction to others’ accounts
  • Paying for the taxi by barcode scanning
  • Gift payment to friends
  • Paying for your share
  • Paying installments

Please remember that all the mentioned financial services are provided by PEC Co and iGapmessenger (RooyeKhat Media Company) has no responsibility for them.

For customer support, follow up your payments and related issues, you can contact this telephone number:


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