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IGap Prize Worth 10 Billion Rials

iGap prize worth 10 Billion Rials

Dear iGap users, according to your ovation and inquiries about the iGap messenger security, we decided to announce that iGap is the only open-source and open API messenger in Iran and the security and privacy of iGap users have always been the first priority of iGap developer team.

Many people guess that having an SSL (Socket Secure Layer) license is the ultimate level of security, but security in iGap has gone further for 2 more levels which are a general key from the server and a general key from the client. Finally, the user’s created key is the main key for transferring data to the server and all the user’s messages are transferred in Advanced Encryption Standard AES and access to the messages is impossible even in “man in middle” way.

Consequently, all your messages and files are encrypted in iGap messenger and no one can access them other than you. In case any public figure or hacker could hack and access the encrypted data of iGap messenger, he/she will receive a prize worth 10 Billion Rials.


  1. Two certain encrypted layers of iGap need to be hacked and the data should be retrieved as simple text. (for your convenience)
  2. Decryption should be visible by using a network analyzer tool like Wireshark.

Good luck

In case of success, contact the email below:


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