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Limitless Connection On IGap New Blog

Limitless connection on iGap new blog

In early 2017, the design of iGap application blog was finalized and accessed by people. On those days, the iGap team was so enthusiastic to submit their achievement to the target society. Since the start, we have been aware that we need to keep working non-stop for the sake of users’ satisfaction and create novel ideas to stay up-to-date.

During this period of time, continuous interaction with the user community and their constructive criticism posed Rooyekhat Media team to take the action and plan for a new design.

These ideas and hard efforts have come up with a new version of the blog, which is accessed by you now and adjusts to the up-to-date global standards.

Better user experience

In the previous version of the iGap blog, you may have encountered a lack of harmony in different sections. In the new version, using harmonic and certain patterns, we have tried to fix the issue and create a uniform shape in the entire blog.

Considering many users’ tendency to use smartphones and tablets, some changes have been made in the new version so that users who surf through the blog with those devices, have a more fascinating and pleasant experience.

Better user interface

Nowadays, visual beauty is one of the key factors for success in the online world. The importance of this fact has been expertly taken into action in the new version of the iGap blog. Optimized use of white color in the new version, not only transfers a positive feeling to the user but also increases the readability of textual content and the visibility of visual media.


In the new version of the blog, Published content is sorted in certain categories so that the user experiences a faster and easier access. These categories include 1.Updates, 2.iGap news, 3.Tutorial, 4.Press.

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