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Passcode Lock In IGap

Passcode Lock in iGap

Cell phone has been known as a private device and must be only exposed to the owner however, sometimes getting exposed to others and far from the owner makes us concerned about the personal information and data saved and stored on.

Thus, the manufacturers of smartphones and feature phones intended to remove this worry and create more security for the phones by adding this capability of locking the system.

Smartphones releasing in the universal market continues concerning about this issue since installing and running various applications is accompanied with using smartphone.

Hereby, most apps can be used with the possibility of storing personal information, videos, images and so on which may be in other people’s availability except for the owner.

The feature of storing personal data made more worries for users.

As a result manufacturers and app founders tended to meet the users’ expectations and satisfactions.

iGap’s effort for making users more satisfied led to add this feature for more security as well. You can lock your app for running with a PIN or Password with at least 4 characters containing numbers and/or letters.

To activate the app’s lock you need to follow the instructions below:

Enter the app and choose “Settings” from the list and then “Privacy & Security”. In the “Privacy” section tap “Passcode Lock”.

When activating this button, a new page will appear in which you can type your lock code with at least 4 characters and 20 at most as a password or only 4 numbers as a PIN. Then confirm it in another page by repeating.

The new screen is going to be displayed with other options such as “Change Passcode” and you can change your PIN/Password.

Another option is “Auto-lock”. It is possible to choose one of the times presented in the menu and the app will get locked thereafter.

On the bottom of the screen there is a possibility about capturing screenshot which is inactive by default when you lock the app. If you want to take screenshot while the app lock is active, you need to tap the switch. When you try to take a screenshot then and it does not work while the switch is one, just restart the app once.

Note: if your device supports fingerprint, you can lock your iGap with your fingerprint and touch the sensor when you want to unlock it.

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