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The Users’ Praise For The IGap’s Capability Of Nearby In Android

The Users’ Praise for the iGap’s Capability of Nearby in Android

In case iGap had its latest update yesterday (on Tuesday) and some minor improvements made of which another capability was added as “Nearby”, all developers and creators aimed at making a better decision about thanks to the users’ compliments.

Thus, since then the users within your 10 KM radius distance on the map (with a presumption of all in a circle with a diameter of 20 KM) who had activated their Map Status are visible to each other. However, on the list of People Nearby it is possible to see all located within your 25 KM radius distance.

All users’ true compliments on our local messenger (iGap) can give us assurance and make us more motivated in developing and growing the application as well.

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