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The Story Of IGap And Cafe Bazaar

The Story of iGap and Cafe Bazaar

However Google Play is comprehensive and updated enough for downloading and installing different kinds of apps, the internal users’ need to local corporation and some users’ unfamiliarity with the registration process at Google Play resulted in founding the Iranian online marketplace to provide different apps.

firstly, regarding the Iranian users’ usage of local online marketplace we took an action then to release iGap in Cafe Bazaar. Although Google Play immediately confirmed to release our app, Cafe Bazaar prevented it and even made several obstacles in the case of privilege levels from why the need of access to messaging to whatever.

So, have you ever asked what is Cafe Bazaar’s reason to access Contacts? Why it needs the user’s Location? And even with which purpose the user should allow it to access the Camera and also Phone?

We’ve let this issue go as before, but there are still others …

We have requested Cafe Bazaar over three times to place iGap in the “Top List”, but every time we got troubles unexpectedly. This Iranian online marketplace did not respond us at the beginning; then our app was placed among the top messengers after so much follow-up while we wanted them to place it on the first page; finally, iGap was deleted after three weeks with no justification.

After we let these pass and made some changes toward the app’s progress and growth and also making a lot of efforts to fix the bugs, we intended to ignore this childish behavior of Cafe Bazaar clerks. However, with regard to the iGap’s stability in the new editions and useful features added to based on today’s need like voice call, we decided to follow up again some days ago and asked Cafe Bazaar for placing iGap on the first page, but unfortunately we received a shocking reply after a long process and completing more and more stages (such as questionnaire and so on) as follows:

What makes us more surprised is that our dissatisfaction made them angry and upset!!!

We are going to check other messaging apps which Cafe Bazaar has put them on the top page; then they may change their rules and reveal that “only apps with the most benefits for us or even the ones with a relationship will be placed on this popular page”


Maybe this popular and famous Cafe Bazaar!!! will take an action to remove our app from itself, but we suggest you to use another local market named “Myket” or the international one known as “Google play”.

Actually Google Play has embargoed Iran a little for some apps but we are sure wholeheartedly the clerks do not work for benefits and consider all apps equally regardless the pros and cons or friendship between.


Mohammad Rasoul Kazemi

RooyeKhat Media Co.

Creator of iGap Messaging App 

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