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Nearby Capability In IGap For Android Platform

Nearby Capability in iGap for Android Platform

iGap’s entering the market as an Iranian fast and secure messenger and getting well-accepted by internal and external users have led the developers to consider more and more about the modern and more practical capabilities and features suitable for the application environment, so that you all can utilize it the most.

The newest capability which will be added on Tuesday, 8th of August, based on the developers and programmers’ prediction is going to be available as “Nearby” and will be as much as useful and effective.

It’s supposed to be mentioned this feature is possible when your GPS is on; so before every thing, go to your device Settings and turn GPS on. After, enter iGap, select Nearby and activate Map Registration. Map is inactive for all by default and if you make it active, your location will be shown for others who had activated theirs.

When you close the application for any purpose, no one is able to see your location anymore since it disappears from the map. It happens for your safety. But after activating, you are visible to all even if iGap is in the background running apps.


As it is understood from the name of this feature, you are able to recognize and see who is near, get to know and chat for more acquaintances. Automatically, the screen gets refreshed frequently every minute or each moment your location status changes more than 5 meters.

By “recognize” we mean only the access to the user’s chat page to chat with and by “Nearby” it is only the users who had activated their Map Registration and are located within your 5 KM radius distance. With a supposition that you are on the central point of a circle, (the circle is estimated with a diameter of 10 KM) all users whose Map Status is ON in this circle with the radius of 5 KM can be found and chatting with them can begin by entering their chat page.

It helps you indicate your status in words and whenever you Map is active, your status is shown for others as well.

Dear Users;

Never be concerned about your location security, it is invisible to all until you turn it ON. If you are not willing to, just keep it OFF. However, there is no option to keep your status and location hidden for others but have an authorization to check and observe other users’.


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