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Activating And Using “Nearby” In IGap Through Android Platforms

Activating and Using “Nearby” in iGap Through Android Platforms

Based on the past explanations and presenting more and better possibilities, a new option has been added to the recent edition of iGap called “Nearby” by which you can estimate other users’ location around you and make new friends.

To activate and use this capability, please follow the instructions below:

You must have updated your iGap edition on the device and turn on your device GPS at first. Then tap the three-line icon and choose “Nearby” among the list.

Please note that using “Nearby” needs an access to your device GPS, also for more security every one of users’ location and map are off by default and you need to turn it on and activate it if you are completely sure. (The users whose map is on and are located within your 5 KM radius distance are visible to you on the Map. In addition, their location are shown with an inaccuracy of 100 meters for more security.

After you confirmed to turn your map on, the map with users whose map is active are shown to you. (Remember, there may be more users around you but their location is invisible since they keep it inactive on the map)

On top of the map, there is a gray frame named “Your Status”, in which you can type anything for your status using letters, numbers, emojis and signs up to 4 lines. If you type some thing and exceed 4 lines, it will not be accepted and saved.

When you want to get to communicate with any visible users on the map, it would be right to tap on her/his point on the map to see the profile picture and status. Then you will be directed to her/his chat page or able to make a voice call choosing chat or call icons.

On the top right corner of the screen, the three-dot icon is seen and three alternatives will be displayed if you tap on.

The first is “List of people Nearby” which can list users around you who are located within your 25 KM radius distance with active map.

The second one is for manual update. If you want to update the map and location less than every minute to see new joined users location, you have to update it manually by tapping this option. (The map and users location on it get updated every minute or whenever you change your position over 5 meters)

While you would not like to continue getting shown on the map, it is easy to choose the last alternative called “Disable Nearby Visibility”. (It means neither you will not be able to see others location neither on the map nor the list and others cannot see yours too.)


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