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Access Levels Of Cafe Bazaar To Cell Phones

Access Levels of Cafe Bazaar to Cell Phones

Good Day;

What we want to describe is about the most popular online marketplace in Iran called as “Cafe Bazaar” and all levels of access to our devices after installation when it is going to run.

Cafe Bazaar as an online store and center of all applications released, always asks questions from developers and needs to know the reason of whole accesses each application needs.

Now we as consumers from Iranians tend to study the access levels Cafe Bazaar needs; hope to raise our knowledge in this case since this Iranian online marketplace has never ever explained why it needs to access many parts of the device.

The first access Cafe Bazaar needs is Camera. By Camera which is really important, the marketplace can have a direct access to your device camera; with much investigation, unfortunately, we got nothing about why. Because for the profile picture even it could use the pictures saved on the device.

The second one is access to your device’s Contacts. it means after getting the permission it will access all your contacts thoroughly. But again we did not get anything about the cause(s).

Next is access to your device’s Location, which is asked for at the beginning of application’s running. It may need to have the access for CDN or maybe sending you a gift to your living place!!!


The access to device’s location is not inevitable for CDN (Content Delivery Network) and using the IP is better to be used for. However, device’s location may be used for other purposes that we have no knowledge about.

We let all pass but not the access to Phone Calls. When Cafe Bazaar has an access to Phone Calls, it can call any contacts directly and easily.

Access to your device’s SMS is justifiable. Although there is no verification message at the beginning, it would be right Cafe Bazaar uses its own verification code received via SMS on the device and has nothing to do with other messages!

The last part Cafe Bazaar always gets the permission is your device’s Storage. It is obviously required since it needs to save the downloaded and received files on your device. As to be mentioned, access to storage allows Cafe Bazaar to access all your files on your device as well.


You have the power to stop this marketplace’s access after installation before running except for the device’s Storage.

In the following, the whole access Cafe Bazaar -as the Iranian local online marketplace- needs in comparison with Google Play -as the most popular international online marketplace:


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