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The Latest Version Of 0.1.2 Of IGap For Android

The Latest Version of 0.1.2 of iGap for Android

iGap Messaging App has been recently updated by the company developers in Android systems, so you can use and apply its features and capabilities more easily. 0.1.2 version of iGap for Android is now available for you in app markets such as Google Play, Cafe bazaar and even Myket.

Also you are able to click here to receive the executable file directly.

Some changes are summarized as following:

  1. Change the structure of message history loading

2. Added ability to log in with Qr Code

3. Added Qr Code authentication

4. Change color bar in audio messages listened to by contacts

5. Add audio recognition to listen to audio internal speaker or external speaker

6. Fix issue for silent mode for voice calling

7. Improve and optimize inside the chat page

8. Fixed a reported Bug’s

9. Significantly reduce the size of the program

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