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QR Code Scanner Capability In IGap

QR code Scanner Capability in iGap

QR code Scanner

QR code is an encrypted code which is applied in various software and applications with different reasons.

This feature has been added to iGap app recently by which you can log into your account more easily and quickly. You will not need to enter your phone number and receive a verification code at the beginning of login process using this capability; then you have the power to log in helping the device scanner you have logged in before.

Notice: remember log in using QR code Scanner capability does not mean cheating the two-step verification, but it refers to “entering phone number” and “receiving verification code” only. If you had activated “two-step verification”, you have to enter the password after scanning QR code for logging in.

In order to use this capability, you have to been logged in to your iGap account with your Smart phone. In the login page click QR code icon instead of entering your phone number.


Scan your own QR code after you get directed to the page according to the picture.


Helping the Android app and choose “QR code Scanner” among the options.


Now scan the QR code shown in the new window in the Web-client and log in to your account all at once.

log in iGap account

login with

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