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Gossip Or Truth? From Availability To Transferring Telegram Servers To Iran: The Conclusion Of Local Manufacturing!

Gossip or Truth? From Availability to Transferring Telegram Servers to Iran: the Conclusion of Local Manufacturing!


The Gossip are liked by all these days, even it challenges technology and has made everyone confused about the truth. Today Gossip are neither confirmed nor denied, but the fact is something beyond.

The inconsistent words heard from seniors and other high-ranking managers in Iran is its hot subject.

Indeed, what is behind the Managers’ inconsistent words?

Will Telegram Servers be transferred to Iran?

Will Telegram Servers be located in Iran for easier access to Data?

Unfortunately, the Government seniors and managers have recently had states about transferring Telegram Servers to Iran and the necessity of this process, also they occasionally deny the states after each other; in this way, no clear news is available now.

Are the Officials cross-questioned if people just get to know the truth?

Is it possible to conceal the truth?

These are the questions in peoples minds today; however, the truth is somehow crystal clear.

For what purpose Iranian Officials announce people in the country about getting Telegram Servers transferred and take back what they said before? As Pavel Durov (Telegram Founder and Manager) has basically denied the states and announced neither they have given any Data to Iran nor the Servers are going to be transferred.

The confession is based on the pictures below, which means no one is willing to be the truthful.

Actually, put the theory of transferring the servers of a foreigner Messenger to the Country in practice will make the unemployment rate increased.

So, where can we seek for supporting the Local Manufacturing?

Of course, having foreigner servers in the country includes extra costs; even though, it will not remove the unemployment and will harm the inside capabilities and suppress the local talents.

Following here will help you to get more and clearer information about what we explained.

In spite of what all local managers and Telegram founders declared, obviously Iran’s Autonomous System (AS) known as AS48159 has the extreme access to Telegram Servers (known as AS44907 – one of the service) which is recognizable to all. Managers of this popular messenger who claimed no connection with Iran one month ago, now they have just transferred the local system overnight!

But How?!

It’s supposed to be mentioned that Telegram Managers have no choice but hiding the truth to retain the users! Didn’t we have any choice except for dealing with Telegram? This is the question!!!

Indeed, how much billion dollars did signing the deal with Telegram cost?

Does this all mean “Supporting the Local Manufacturing”?


The pictures and graphs below are describing NO Connection between Iran and Telegram Founders. 😐

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