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Voice Call In IGap

Voice Call in iGap

Among all various communication ways of sending information as messages in different templates such as video, image, GIF, file or even the most traditional one as “text-based” which have special roles in communicating with others, voice call is absolutely known as the most popular way to communicate with people since it has been the first invention to communicate.

Despite several messaging applications are designed with almost different purposes these days in order to introduce different ways of messaging, they all come to the ordinary and user-friendly way as “voice call” and make it available for public.

iGap is not excluded from this trend and according to the previous arrangement, the voice call possibility has been added to the latest released version for users call each other more easily by this cost-effective possibility only by paying internet fees beside sending messages and avoid high-cost calls in other mobile network operators.

Regarding this important feature, you can have voice calls with other iGap users following steps explained below.

For establishing a voice call, by tapping the phone icon on top of the chat page

Or your contact’s name on top of the page and then the phone icon on top of their profile page, calling can be started.

If you want to stop calling while ringing, you are able to drag the red button and release it in the middle to disconnect calling.

If you have an incoming call, you can drag the blue button and release it in the middle in order to accept or drag and release the red one if you do not intend to.

As you drag and release the message icon, you can disconnect calling with a difference in which you are directed to the chat page and send your message to.

Additionally, you can continue chatting while calling and talking on; but if you are not interested in, just tap “Return to Call Screen” to return to the main call page.

Generally, if you go to other pages of the app while using voice call but the app is still running or it is in the background of the cell phone, your connection is remained active unlike you stop app’s running and close it thoroughly.

If your call lasts more than 3 minutes, iGap sends you a request to rate the call quality according to your satisfaction. When you rate it less than 3, you are asked to type your dissatisfaction reason for improving and fixing problems.

In Settings menu, you can see voice call option by which you can enter the call log the details of all incoming and outgoing calls.

In this certain page, by tapping the phone icon on the bottom of the page you can easily choose the required contact and start calling.

Even though, iGap considers a more secure space for you by which you can restrict incoming calls.

Tap the Privacy section in Settings, then choose “Who can call me?” and then decide the people who have this authority.

If you like to clear all incoming and outgoing calls in call log, tap the three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen to see the message on the page about your certainty

By confirming, all incoming and outgoing calls will be deleted surely.

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