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Two-step Verification In IGap

Two-step Verification in iGap

In the following of D & D team’s efforts of iGap to raise the privacy and security level for users, another feature has been provided for users to utilize when logging into their accounts through other devices.

You can set a password that will be required when you log in on a new device in addition to the code you get via SMS.

To set this password, enter the “Privacy and Security” section in “General Settings”. Then by tapping “Two-step Verification” and following next steps you can set your password.


After entering the section as “Two-step Verification”, you will see “Additional Password” by which you can set a password and tap the tick mark on the top right corner of the screen, then you will be asked to type the considered password again in the required field.


In this part, you are asked to set a “password hint” in order to remember the certain password when it’s hard to remember. The password hint must not be the same as password.

It is the time to recover your password via security questions by which the user is going to choose and answer two of them. It’s essential not to forget these questions and answers. Afterwards, the user accomplishes setting password successfully.

In the next, you will be notified to be able to recover password via email; as you forget your password you have the last chance to recover it via email which is optional as well. So, enter your email address in the required field, then you will be sent a SMS contained a verification code from iGap servers in order to get sure about the proper address and owner; and you have to enter it in its field. If you have not received the code yet, tap “resend code”.

*After these steps you will see menu of two-step verification by which you can change or modify any parts you wish. The options are “Change Password”, “Change Hint”, “Turn Password Off”, “Set Confirmed E-mail” and “Set Recovery Questions”.

For deactivating password request, you can tap “Turn Password Off”, by which you will be never asked to enter password.

If you want to set your email address as a password recovery path, just tap “Set Confirmed E-mail” and enter the verification code received previously to verify this email address is yours.

Even if you assume the security questions already set are no longer secure, you have the right to change them both the questions and answers by choosing “Set Recovery Questions”.

**As you forget your set password anytime, you can tap “Forgot password?” and then recover it through one the paths explained before via e-mail or security questions.




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