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The Restriction In Chatting After The Tenth Contact In IGap

The Restriction in Chatting after the Tenth Contact in iGap

In iGap Messenger App you can have one-on-one chats and in groups easily in what extent you want and like. It is probable to encounter a restriction in chatting occasionally; hence, when you are chatting with 10 iGap users who are not in your contacts list and you do not have their numbers saved (i.e. non-contacts), you have to wait for 24 hours and continue chatting with the eleventh user again.

Remember, this restriction is considered for the chat-contacts not in your list and you send them messages through their User-IDs. Thus if you intend to send a message to many iGap users and none of them are in your contact list, you have the right to send the message to ten of them and wait for 24 hours and again go on for the eleventh one and next.

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