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Why IGap Is An Open-source App?

Why iGap is an Open-source App?

Why iGap has been released as Open-source?

At the beginning we should consider the compound word “Open-source” is used for the software their source codes are available for everyone thorough and free.

The universal community of open-source programmers consists of the ones who receive the source codes of open-source programs and republish them after modifications and changes they made on according to their need and interest.

“iGap” as open-source has given this opportunity to all for modifying iGap and making it customized. For instance; an organization needs a coherent and effective communicating situation for all employees, it can utilize iGap to reach this goal with paying no money.

Although, the employees are not allowed to transfer data from a system to another because of the document categorization in that organization. It’s the time the above-mentioned organization can create a new application by making changes on iGap and customized it based on its own inside protocols excluding the ability of data-transferring or even reproduce it according to its classification and required privilege levels.

As a matter of fact, releasing iGap as open-source makes it possible for organizations, institutions and companies on a large or small scale to utilize widely a production with a very high flexibility in customizing.

As an another goal, iGap has been released as open-source to provide the possibility of coding based on the modern technologies for domestic programmers.

Whereas the latest version of programming and high level technologies have been used in iGap, the programmers will be able to improve their knowledge of coding by studying and checking iGap source codes and accompany us towards the improvement and development of this thoroughly local product by the means of developing the published codes.

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