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The Official Website Of IGap

The Official Website of iGap

The Official Website of iGap

Regarding the use of iGap application on your cell phone, you can use it through website too; thus you need to access its official website through


Through the new tab you can see different options such as Blog, Wiki, Support, Web-Client and even the term “فارسی” as to change the language to Persian if needed. So you will click the “Web-Client” when you would like to use iGap app through Web version.


To access the Blog section, you can click the option and see the descriptions there. In this section, every one of tutorial and instructional parts which are about the way of using different sections and their utilities and features in the web version and through Android phones.


In this section, you have the power to ask about troubles you may face during using the app, criticize and even suggest improvements, then the technical iGap support team will reply as soon as possible.

By clicking “Support” in the homepage, another page will be shown to create a request in which you have to enter your mobile phone number and then click “Next”.

This page is showing the entered phone number and another field to type the received authentication code in. therefore, the received code must be placed and click “Check Code” to go to another step. (If the mobile phone number entered before is not correct or you have not received any code yet, click “Change Number” to go back to the first page and modify your number simply)

When the code is authenticated, you will be able to type your request as a message in the relevant field and its subject and then click “Create”. (in all steps, your entered mobile phone number is seen)

Resultantly, the opened page on your screen can show your request have been recorded and verified by the iGap Support team through which you can see the reference code and simultaneously receive a SMS for its verification; the iGap Support team will check your ticket and reply as early as they can.

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