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Nostalgia In IGap

Nostalgia in iGap

Good old days!

Remember the hullabaloo those days all around; anyone you saw was chatting or looking for the way to create a new account in Yahoo Messenger!

Dial-up connection and its phone line noise heard as horrible like Pshhkkkrrkakingtshch*ding*ding…

Cheaper limited-speed internet connections suitable for chatting in Yahoo! with 4 Mb connection traffic!!!

Understandable, no stickers were.

Were expressing all our feelings with some characters 🙂  🙁  😀  😉 …

Too contented with what was existed. Goods days! Good old days!


How surprising can it be!

In the Web version of iGap, use those first emoticons remembering those days. iGap is surprising you!



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