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New Updates Of IGap In Android Systems

New Updates of iGap in Android Systems

New updates for 0.0.23 version of iGap in Android

In the latest updates of iGap in Android several changes made and there will not be seen any of the following problems:

  1. Changing the title font size in Gap pages
  2. Changing the getting received Gap lists in page structure
  3. Changing the getting received group users list in page structure
  4. Changing the main menu structure and display
  5. Fixing the problem of the first skip on loading the contacts list
  6. Fixing the problem of connection for the background and foreground modes
  7. The scroll bar added to the contacts’ pages
  8. Improving the speed of loading Gap lists and text messages
  9. Keeping the previous situation in Gaps (the last messages you’ve read kept in the board for the next time you come back and continue checking messages from that one)
  10. The possibility to show the Sender’s name in groups
  11. Fixing the in-app problems of playing videos
  12. Improving the codes structure and getting them optimized
  13. Fixing all other reported bugs.

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