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Message Room And Its Settings

Message Room and its Settings

Messages Room

To access this destination, tap on the three lines icon at the top left corner of the screen on the main page to see menu.

Tap Settings and slide down to see Message Room section.

Now you can reach any options in this section. Each are going to be explained in details:

  1. Message Text Size: by choosing this part, you will see some font size options which can be used for your texts. To apply each font size just select it; your texts can be typed and seen smaller by choosing the smaller size, and by the larger size they can be typed and seen larger.    
  2. Chat Background: by choosing this part, you will see some images. Each can be seen as a background of the chat page if selected. Tap on your favorite image and then the tick mark at the top right corner of the page. So, you can have a chat page with the selected background now. Although, the + sign can be tapped on to choose a background among the pictures saved on your mobile gallery.       
  3. Here you can have the option of “Show Vote Layout Channel”. When activate this option, there will be Like and Dislike icons and the eye symbol at the bottom of each message you may post. Every message posted in your channel can be liked or disliked by choosing each of their icons. The eye symbol and the number next to which shows the number of users and contacts of your channel have seen your posted messages.    
  4. Send by Enter Key: if you want to send your message by tapping the Enter key on your mobile keyboard, you need to activate it, but by deactivating this option you will put space between lines of text message by tapping the Enter key when needed.

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