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IGap Support In Android

iGap Support in Android

iGap Official Home

If you tap this option, you will be directed to the homepage of the iGap website and aware of the last version or edition and update your installed app on your device only by Google Play or App Store shown on the page.

iGap Official Blog

When you tap this option, you will be directed to the weblog including various instructional parts and sections in the Android version of iGap or Web-client.


Support Request

The iGap Messenger allows you to report your questions, dissatisfaction and requests to the CRM Unit for troubleshooting and using this app through filling the required form.

CRM Unit is a unit managed for the relation and connection with the clients; an approach to create, maintain and develop our relationship.

You are able to type your question or problem by entering your mobile phone number and receiving a reference code; then send what you’ve typed to the iGap Support team and receive the reference code in order that the problem will be inspected and troubleshot.




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