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“iGap”; Name, Logo And Color

“iGap”; Name, Logo and Color

How the name was created?

“Gap” is a mutual word used in both Persian (Iran) and English languages but with different meanings.

Gap in English means the aperture and narrow space.

In Iran, according to Dehkhoda Dictionary in dialects like Khorasani, Lori, Kurdish, Gilaki and Farsi means chat and talk.

The letter “i” at the beginning of the word “iGap” is the abbreviation of INTERNET or the World Wide Web. On the other hand; letter “i” in English is the first-person singular pronoun and “gap” in Persian means chat and talk, so we can define iGap into “my chats and talks”.

iGap is an application which reduces the distance and space to the absolute minimum for talking and chatting through the world web.

You will be able to chat easily through iGap in the furthest places and lessen the spaces between senders and receivers in chatting as much as possible.


iGap Logo:

iGap logo has been made of three parts. Signs of a phone, a place marker and a text message.

These signs are actually the features of iGap and has formed the current logo with each other. Now, transferring text messages and data files are available in iGap of which you can make use.

In the next editions you will be able to use the voice call and location information. Technical team of iGap is currently providing these features for users which will be presented in the new versions soon.


The feature of search by location in iGap:

Searching by location is an interesting feature presented by the experts of iGap. Using this feature lets you recognize the iGap users near your location and even send messages if you’d like to.

No need to worry!

More than anything else, we as the iGap creators and developers consider your privacy. The Privacy Settings makes it possible for you to keep your personal information hidden from other users and contacts as you wish; even though, by restricting the availability you are capable to secure the visibility of your location and then your privacy.

At the moment you are utilizing messaging and digital content features of iGap, the updates of the new version are going to be expected as well.

Voice call and location as new features in iGap will be being activated on your device soon.


iGap Colors:

The iGap background is in Cyan or somehow Turquoise. This color is the nearest to the sky color; thus, it inspires the sense of freedom and liberty. Cyan and Turquoise are colder than green; so, the peace each makes has more calm, they can prevent mental fatigue and cause more happiness. Often there are few people who gets hurt by these two colors, because they’re inborn and everyone can interact with well. In other words, a great proportion of Iranian illustrations has been originated from Turquoise and Cyan. It shows this kind of color has a significant position in our Iranian social mood and can be taken into account as a distinctive color for Iran’s culture.

It’s concluding that cyan and turquoise are stylish colors for “iGap” as a thoroughly local messaging application created by the domestic experts with a dominant purpose in creating an innovative communicational space virtually with the utmost level of security and privacy.

The yellow color is for the sunshine which occurs with pleasure, happiness, thought, conception and energy. It also has a warm effect psychologically and stimulates sense of humor. People use this color for cheerfulness and good nature which are expressed obviously in Iranian’s social behaviors. It is the definite side of Iranian’s personality and has been the hot subject of groups of people who have visited this country and recorded it probably by authoring as a notable characteristic.

In the turquoise clear and unlimited sky, yellow has been positioned as a shine of kindness in order that we rise as a respect to your consideration.


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