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Conversion Of A One-on-one Chat Into A Group Chat In Web

Conversion of a One-on-one Chat into a Group Chat in Web

In the Web version of iGap a chat between you and e.g. your friend can be converted to a group chat. It helps you to add more members and discuss and chat all together in a group if you’d like more people to participate in your discussion and talk.

To make it possible you just need to follow the steps through which you should click the name of certain contact you are chatting with on the main page.

Click “Convert to Group” among the options in the menu to see the fields needed for the newly created group information like Group Name and Group Description. As you are aware the name is mandatory but the description for group is optional. After typing a name click “Next Step”.

In this part, you need to add members to the newly created group. You are able to choose any contacts you like her/him to be the group member by clicking their name. Then click “Submit” below the list.

Now you can see the chat page with members not only the first one but also with others you have added recently.

Remember, you have the right to choose a picture for the group icon like the steps described about creating a group. Thus, click on the group name on its chat page to see menu.

On this page click the group name on top of the page and see the new page about group name, description and icon.

Click the camera pictogram and select the picture you’d like more among the ones saved on your PC. Then you will see this picture as the group icon on the circle and “Save” the action.

Finally, you have the newly created group with its name and picture and the members added by you.

Here you are authorized a private group which can be converted to a public one by following the steps about group conversion.

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