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Conversion Of A One-on-one Chat Into A Group Chat Through Android

Conversion of a One-on-one chat into a Group Chat Through Android

Converting a One-on-one Chat to a Group Chat

One of the other features in iGap is conversion a one-on-one chat to a group chat, it is really effective and practical when you are chatting with someone and want to add more contacts and turn it to a group chat in order that you can have a group in which not you are only able to chat with all but you can also share the previous messages with others.

To make this happen, in the main chat page of your contact while chatting, tap the icon of three dots at the top left corner of the page to see several options for chat settings.


Now by choosing “convert to group chat”, the app needs your certainty about your decision to convert your one-on-one chat to group. If you’re sure, tap “OK” to see a new page in which you should choose a name, a description and a profile picture like the steps for creating a group described in the previous parts.

If you like to choose an icon picture, tap the + sign at center of the cyan circle and choose the path if you want to select it through your device gallery taking one with your device camera right away and save it finally. When choosing a picture through your device gallery it will be seen in a squared frame immediately, so that you can choose the best part of picture and rotate it if you like. Then tap CROP on top of the picture and see the group icon on the cyan circle.

In this part only group name is mandatory for which you MUST type something but group description and its picture are optional and unnecessary. Whether you type a description and choose a picture or not, tap “Next Step” to be directed to the page for adding member. In this page you have contacts list and by choosing each you will see a tick mark next to which and tap the tick mark at the top left corner of the page to get to the chat page afterwards.

This is a private group at the moment, but if you’d like to convert it to a public group you can follow the steps described previously or click here.


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