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Competition For Programmers In IGap Event, The First Local Open-source Messaging App Through The Country

Competition for Programmers in iGap Event, the First Local Open-source Messaging App Through the Country

The iGap Open-source Competition:

This competition is a kind of innovative idea from RooyeKhat Media Company, and is going to be held for the first time all over this country.

RooyeKhat Media aims to develop the open-source programming situation by making this competition and increase the domestic programmers’ knowledge and skills.

In this competition, all participants will definitely get acquainted with the most modern and updated universal technologies and make it to improve and raise their knowledge as a significant decision. It also causes a noticeable effect on the participants’ knowledge increase. On the other hand, the improvement and development of the free open-source creations locally will be another main effect of this competition.

The iGap competitive event would make it a situation for programmers not only to evaluate their knowledge levels in operating this great project, but to accompany us step by step.


Stages of holding the Event:

The programmers participated in this event can compete through the following two ways:

  1. Creating a new project and client-side application independently using the open APi documentation released from iGap and not like the one we presented.
  2. Developing and improving the released open-source project of iGap.

A group of well-experienced programmers will moderate and judge the competitive event online. All participants will be rewarded in cash at the end of competition. The amount of reward will be assessed based on the importance of made changes and/or the performance of the new-created edition. Note that the dominant and more skillful participants will be recognized and introduced to all.

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