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Blocking And Unblocking Users/Contacts In The Web Version Of IGap

Blocking and Unblocking Users/Contacts in the Web Version of iGap

Block Users in the Web Version of iGap

As you do not want to receive messages from a specified contact or even have in trouble with an annoying user, this messaging app has provided you a feature by which you can block your wanted contact or user and interrupt her/his connection in sending you messages and/or checking your last seen and profile picture.

In the Web version of iGap, you can access this feature in two ways:

In the first path, you can click on the three dots icon on top of the screen at your main chat page and choosing “block user” among other options take the action to block her/him. 

Then you will face a message on that page on getting your certainty for your action of blocking. If you are sure about and click “OK” the specified user will be blocked and s/he cannot send you messages and/or check your last seen and profile picture no longer. 

In the second path, after entering the specified contact’s page, choose “block user” among other options and click “OK” if you are sure about your action of blocking. 

Unblocking Users in the Web Version of iGap

When you tend to unblock a blocked user or a specified contact, click on the icon of three dots at the top right corner of the screen and choose “unblock user” to return her/his connection to yourself in the ways to send messages and/or seeing your last seen and profile picture. 

Or by entering the specified contact/user’s page and clicking on “Unblock User” among all other options and confirm it then return her/his connection to yourself by which s/he is allowed to send you messages and/or see your last seen and profile picture afterwards.  

After blocking any contacts/users you can see their names on the “Block List”. If you like to reach this list, you have to enter “Settings” first, 

Then choose “Privacy and Security”, 

And then click on “Block List” option to see the blocked users. Therefore, by clicking “Unblock User” these contacts/users can return their connection to you again. 


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