The Reflection of Launching iGap’s Voice Call Possibility in Financial Tribune Magazine

Regarding the Voice Call services in iGap will be launched and even available for all iGap users on June 10 as we have claimed it before. FINANCIAL TRIBUNE, the first Iranian English Economic Daily Magazine, has published an article about this relevant topic.


You can also fully read this article by clicking here.

The possibility of Voice Call in iGap

Another feature called as Voice Call will be accessed to all iGap users on 10 June in the current year.

As we had promised, it’s going to be possible to have Voice Call in iGap. All iGap users will be able to have Voice Call through iGap with no cost in the new version of this app as 0.1.0 which has been developed by the iGap technical team and examined as well.

Voice Call has been established through WebRTC Technology. In this technology the voice communication as a call will be as P2P or Peer2Peer. In this kind of communication there is no other intermediary or third party. Thus, both parties could share their Internet Address with each other through servers and realize and identify each other to communicate.

After each peer is authenticated by another, their communication as a voice call will be established with no third party; additionally, the call content will not be shared with any servers, intermediaries or third parties except for the peers.

In fact, this communication is the infrastructure of WebRTC technology. We will safely state that voice call in iGap is thoroughly safe and secure and even trusted relying on the infrastructure of WebRTC technology. Signal application stepped forward the era utilizing this modern technology but got inaccessible in Iran.


Let’s take a look at the requirements for the voice Call Establishment in iGap:

To access the voice call we need the bandwith of 128 Kb at least and it is the least presented bandwidth by the operators currently, so it means the Voice Call in iGap is accessible for all iGap users.

Another consideration is this voice communication as a call is thoroughly free by iGap, you may ask this question: is using internet to establish the voice call cost-effective or not?

Let’s calculate together

The internet usage needed for this voice call through iGap with the bandwidth of 128 in an hour is 14400 Kb or 13.73 Mb. The free internet tariff calculated by the mobile operators would be 0.5 Mb for Postpaid SIM cards and 0.75 for Prepaid SIM cards; it makes a sense that the cost of an iGap voice call in an hour based on the free internet tariff with no packages would be 10800 RLS for Prepaid SIM cards and 7200 RLS for Postpaid SIM cards.


Now let’s take a look at the cost of Mobile voice calls

The cost of any voice call within the province covered network would be 6710 RLS for Hamrah Aval Prepaid SIM cards and 447 RLS for the Postpaid ones. This tariff is 620 RLS for Iran Cell Prepaid SIM cards and 49.90 RLS its Postpaid SIM cards. While this tariff is the least cost for both operators in a way covered within a province not out and with no moving costs.

Therefore, the cost of any voice call in an hour is 40260 RLS for Hamrah Aval Prepaid SIM cards and 26820 RLS for the Postpaid ones; while this costs 37200 RLS for Iran Cell Prepaid SIM cards and 26940 RLS for the Postpaid SIM cards.

Now with a simple calculation you will notice that the cost of a voice call in iGap even with using no increasing internet packages and free internet tariff will be inexpensive over 70% in comparison with the cost in operators of Prepaid and Postpaid SIM cards.


Conversion of a One-on-one Chat into a Group Chat in Web

In the Web version of iGap a chat between you and e.g. your friend can be converted to a group chat. It helps you to add more members and discuss and chat all together in a group if you’d like more people to participate in your discussion and talk.

To make it possible you just need to follow the steps through which you should click the name of certain contact you are chatting with on the main page.

Click “Convert to Group” among the options in the menu to see the fields needed for the newly created group information like Group Name and Group Description. As you are aware the name is mandatory but the description for group is optional. After typing a name click “Next Step”.

In this part, you need to add members to the newly created group. You are able to choose any contacts you like her/him to be the group member by clicking their name. Then click “Submit” below the list.

Now you can see the chat page with members not only the first one but also with others you have added recently.

Remember, you have the right to choose a picture for the group icon like the steps described about creating a group. Thus, click on the group name on its chat page to see menu.

On this page click the group name on top of the page and see the new page about group name, description and icon.

Click the camera pictogram and select the picture you’d like more among the ones saved on your PC. Then you will see this picture as the group icon on the circle and “Save” the action.

Finally, you have the newly created group with its name and picture and the members added by you.

Here you are authorized a private group which can be converted to a public one by following the steps about group conversion.

Invite Friends to Get Membership in iGap Through Android

Invite Friends

In the Android version of iGap, you are able to catch your friends’ attention and ask them to join this app even though they will be your friends then and enjoy joining to use all features.

For making use of this feature, tap the icon f three lines at the top left corner of the main page to see menu.

Now choose “Invite Friends” and see all installed applications by which you can send request to your friends.

Here for example Messaging is the selective app send the invitation. You have this right to complete this action using other apps except for messaging.

Conversion of a One-on-one chat into a Group Chat Through Android

Converting a One-on-one Chat to a Group Chat

One of the other features in iGap is conversion a one-on-one chat to a group chat, it is really effective and practical when you are chatting with someone and want to add more contacts and turn it to a group chat in order that you can have a group in which not you are only able to chat with all but you can also share the previous messages with others.

To make this happen, in the main chat page of your contact while chatting, tap the icon of three dots at the top left corner of the page to see several options for chat settings.


Now by choosing “convert to group chat”, the app needs your certainty about your decision to convert your one-on-one chat to group. If you’re sure, tap “OK” to see a new page in which you should choose a name, a description and a profile picture like the steps for creating a group described in the previous parts.

If you like to choose an icon picture, tap the + sign at center of the cyan circle and choose the path if you want to select it through your device gallery taking one with your device camera right away and save it finally. When choosing a picture through your device gallery it will be seen in a squared frame immediately, so that you can choose the best part of picture and rotate it if you like. Then tap CROP on top of the picture and see the group icon on the cyan circle.

In this part only group name is mandatory for which you MUST type something but group description and its picture are optional and unnecessary. Whether you type a description and choose a picture or not, tap “Next Step” to be directed to the page for adding member. In this page you have contacts list and by choosing each you will see a tick mark next to which and tap the tick mark at the top left corner of the page to get to the chat page afterwards.

This is a private group at the moment, but if you’d like to convert it to a public group you can follow the steps described previously or click here.