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Tips And Tricks In IGap Channels And Groups

Tips and tricks in iGap Channels and Groups

Tips and tricks in iGap Channels and Groups:

The most important advantage of iGap messaging app is that your mobile phone number is not going to be seen by any of the members unless s/he had saved your number among contacts.

In iGap groups and/or channels all members can add new members unless they have been kicked out of there by the creator, admin and/or additional administrator(s) or moderator(s).

All members can clear channel and/or group history. If a member clears history of the channel or group, all other members have their history undeleted. So, it’s been cleared only for him/her.

In groups, all members can send messages either public or private; but sending message is available for people with no privileges in channels neither public nor private.

Every one of the members can leave channels and/or groups, but it’s not possible for the creators.

In groups either public or private, every member can edit his/her own messages and has no authority to edit others’ even the creators.

In channels either public or private, every privileged member can edit his/her own message and the member’s with a privilege level lower than him/herself. (for example: the admin can edit the moderator’s post, but the moderator cannot make any changes on admin or creator’s posts.

Changing public channels and/or groups to private or vice versa can be available only for creators.

Choosing or removing an avatar (picture), editing the name and even typing a brief description for all channels and/or groups will be done only by the creators and/or admin.


We will check some general parts in public and private spaces in iGap in the following.

About Public:

  • If the creator of the channel or group wants to leave, s/he can only destruct and delete it entirely; on the other hand, it is not possible for the public channel or group creator in to leave iGap.
  • In all channels and groups, the creator and admin are able to observe list of members.
  • In iGap messaging application, all users cannot create more than five public groups and/or channels. (for example: three public channels and two public groups)

About Private:

  • If you have created a private channel or group, you can leave and put no influences on the conditions of the same channel and group. Although, the members can continue their activity in there. It’s supposed to be mentioned that when you return to your left group or channel, the ownership of that will be the same as before and you are its creator again.
  • Number of created private channels and/or groups is not restricted and you can be the creator of lots of private channels and groups.

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